About Us

Jadansa, Incorporated is located in Russell, Kansas. Covering the Midwest with a fleet of 3 trucks, we can handle all your agriculture hauling needs. Contact us today.

Jadansa, Inc. was established on August 18, 1997. Roger Hackerott serves as president. The fleet consisted of two tractors and trailers.

The Jadansa name was conceived by using parts of each grandchildern's name, Jay, Jordanne and Nyssa. After the incorporation, another grandchild, Brodie, was born but the parents refused to name him Inc. thus one grandchild is not represented in the company name.

The current fleet consists of three trucks.


Work With Us

Jadansa, Inc. maintains a strong commitment to provide the best service to our customers. We are very concerned for the safety of our drivers, our customers' cargo, and those that travel on the highway with our truck fleet. As such, we operate a modern fleet of well-maintained day cabs and sleepers to help us meet and exceed our safety and service goals.

We focus on effectively managing our trucks and delivering our customer's additional capacity when your transportation volume spikes. We make an effort to repond to your questions and concerns while moving your freight. Whatever you need, we are just a phone call away.

For customer service, please contact Roger Hackerott (785-483-0221) via cell phone.




Roger Hackerott

Roger Hackerott serves as the President of Jadansa, Inc. For trucking service, employment, or career oppotunities please contact Roger via cell @ 785-483-0221.