Professional Drivers

Jadansa Inc. Russell, Kansas, is looking for qualified drivers.

Jadansa is a agricultural hauling company with modern, well maintained equipment, 13 speed tractors, and new Wilson trailers. We are looking to hire drivers with clean driving records and be able to pass a drug test. Hauls are mostly in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.

The job consists of being on the road during the week and home most weekends. For more details about a career opportunity, please contact Roger Hackerott at (785) 483-0221 or visit our website to learn more about our service, trucks, and careers:


Employment Application

The following documents must be submitted for consideration for employment with JADANSA, Inc.

An application for employment needs to be submitted and provide the required information for the inquiries to your previous employers of the past three years. You will need to provide a current MVR, Medical Examiners Certificate, and a copy of your current driver's license.  See the downloadable application below.

A copy of the company policies regarding employment and drug testing programs can be found below as well. Please read these materials as you will be given further instructions and will be requested to complete a pre-employment drug test in order to be considered for employment.

If you have any question about the application process, the form itself, or the company guidelines, please reach out to our office: 785-483-6492.


Our Team

Jadansa, Incorporated is located in Russell, Kansas. Covering the Midwest with a fleet of 3 trucks, we can handle all your agriculture hauling needs. Contact us today.

Jadansa, Inc. was established on August 18, 1997. Roger  Hackerott serves as president. The fleet consisted of three tractors and trailers.

The Jadansa name was conceived by using parts of each grandchildern's name, Jay, Jordanne and Nyssa. After the incorporation, another grandchild, Brodie, was born but the parents refused to name him Inc. thus one grandchild is not represented in the company name.